Cards For Humanity

An act of care by  Shamara Leonard, Mitra Mahmoodi, Catherine Legros, and Augusta Lutynski, Emily Carr University students.


Food is something relatable and something that everyone has experiences or memories with, it is an expression of culture and a way to bring people of different backgrounds together.This link between culture, race, and food became a key strategy for designing a service that would facilitate conversations around race and culture. 

To bring this realization to the forefront and encourage meaningful moments while eating, we facilitated 

co-creation session surrounding topics of food and created 9 questions around memory and food. Our strategy was to design prompt cards that engage people in thoughtful eating as well as facilitate meaningful conversations surrounding one’s memories and experiences with food.These cards became a touch point for students to learn more about each others’ backgrounds, and about their own connection to food and what they can learn through it. 

The cards we designed prompted discussions surrounding food, identity, and heritage.These difficult topics became accessible through food and would often bring up individual thoughts, feelings, and experiences that were collectively acknowledged by others.The cards created a space for students to reflect on their own histories as well as connect to others. Food is not about food. Food is about culture, learnings, tradition, family, status, independence, and love.