Babcia's Napkins

A jacket quilted out of napkins that were embroidered by my great grandmother

New Years Top - 2019

Constructed out of satin using draping technique.

The Green Skirt - 2019

Satin scraps turned into a bias cut skirt.

The Commencement Dress - 2019

This custom dress is constructed out of 5 different materials, sourced from different places, each with their own histories. While constructing this dress each material had a unique need that was considered through an intuitive and responsive process. 

This dress was not constructed with a pattern or final vision in mind, but rather the materials and body for whom it was made guided the design. The process of making this commencement dress was a sequence of negotiations and an open dialogue between the maker and materials involved.

Evoking Sensory Memories - 2018

Ode to Summer Collection - 2017

The Utility Suit - 2017 to Present

A pattern designed for the everyday. Every time this suit is constructed the chosen materials are responded to and adjustments are made to the block pattern. Throughout the years this has resulted in a range of modified versions each uniquely considered. 

TED TALKS Textile Proposition for the Future - 2016