Informing Touch Between Vessel and Body

These bowls mediate a designed interaction between vessel and body. The bowls each disrupt norms around dinner wear and prompt users to respond to the vessels in an exploratory and open way. These responses challenge the conventional mannerisms around the table. The bowls made from slip-cast porcelain express the temperature and weight of food uniquely, and demand unconventional interactions for the vessel to be functional as a food device. Rocking, rolling, and siting still, inviting contact, and suggesting space. These vessels behaviour guides a user to hold the bowl in the palm of the hand, pinch the bowl between two fingers, and to not touch it. Through this project I thought about how these different levels of connection between vessel and body changes ones relation to the food they eat. By designing these bowls to be somewhat demanding and assertive in their presence, I hope to create a more dynamic, playful, and mindful dinning experience.