Natural Boundaries


This design was co-created with elementary school students who have learning differences -  the final design facilitates self-regulation within the class room. We looked at the transition space in the door way as an opportunity space. Our final design puts physical weight on the child slowing them down, a calming element as well as a reminder or distinction between the class room and break time. 

"He reacted well to everything activity based, high movement activities were fun and low energy activities calmed him down like while he was designing and making objects with us. He was also eager to test and share our de- signs, the designs almost became a social thing every kid wanted to walk through our door way and try using it in different ways. We got a lot of ques- tions because I guess our design isn’t as obvious as a doll or blocks it kind of left it up to the kids to figure out how it should be used. We got kids crawl- ing, hoping, skateboarding through it, and also braiding and weaving it. For me this was the most interesting part as there was an openness in how the kids approached our project."